Another True Exemplar—Elizabeth Figueroa

Although I do not often see this young woman–my colleague–very often, nor do I communicate with her as often as I should, I consider her to be one of my true friends.

Why? Because a true friend never forgets another and is able to rekindle that friendship at any time. Last year I attended her sister’s wedding, and she welcomed me with open arms. We danced, talked, and laughed together, as if time had not passed since we had last met.

Why do I call her the true exemplar? Because she has done incredible things with her life, with her talents. She is a compassionate social worker. And while I attended Trinity, she was picked as an exemplar, a year before I received the same award.

I have always looked up to her. And I keep her always close to my heart. I wish only good things for her.


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