40 Day Self-Improvement Journal Day 8: Spiritual Reading

So, my two friends and I have a book club. Recently, we have been reading In Sinu Jesu, which is written by a Benedictine monk. It has allowed me to draw closer to God.

Throughout my life, I have been drawn to spiritual books. In the eighth grade, I read Fr. Thomas Dubay’s book, Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer. After graduating from Pepperdine with a masters in teaching, I read Moczar’s The Church Ascending. Both books were recommended by my Confirmation Sponsor, who has made a significant influence in my life and who also taught me seventh grade math.

I also recently read a medieval morality play, “The Castle Of Perseverance.” I did not get very far in it, but what I did read transformed me in inexplicable ways.

What is in your “Treasure Chest” of books?


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