The Ungrateful Daughters of “King Lear”

Once upon a time there were two beautiful princesses, who ruled a castle and had to take the initiative for everything, including cleaning and picking up after their father made huge messes. The oldest, Rose Marie Montague, did not mind because she had a heart of gold, and knew that the more she did on earth, the better her afterlife would be. She persevered through the most troubling times.

Her happy place was the chapel, where she would often pray the rosary and the chaplet of divine mercy; praying calmed her spirit. She had wounds–physical, mental, and psychological. But the wounds caused by sins were even worse. She felt that in her past, she had been chained by the sins of the flesh.

Her sister, Starla Chanel Coach, was also a beautiful person inside and out. But she lived in Lancaster, and had fought with some members of the Capulet family, because she felt a strong passion for a son of this family. Those that knew her thought she was crazy and told her to stay away from the Capulets as much as possible. Did she obey this order? Nope, she went and traveled hundreds of miles on her beautiful steed, named the Chariot of Fire. She held her passionate love in her heart, and often visited the aforementioned X-Man when she felt the need.

When she came back home, though, there were major consequences. She had to wash dishes, scrub floors, do all the servants’ laundry, vacuum, etc. until she got physically sick with an ear ache, glass in her foot, and calluses on all ten toes. If that wasn’t bad enough, her mother hit her several times on the butt with hangers, and her father beat her until she got bruises and she left to see the physician. Her father said “You are an ungrateful spoiled brat, leave at once.” So, where did she go? To her sister’s happy place located in the dungeon of the castle, called the “The Trinity Chapel” where she cried profusely. After that, she had a peace that was beyond anything she had ever felt. The Love of God consumed her heart and led her to God. The castle’s name is the “The Castle of Perseverance.” Then, she fled to the beach, and put her toes in the sand and picked up a pink sparkling rock, and put it near her grandparents’ house. Then, she walked back home, going a different route, dancing and singing for God.

Salut, a heavenly place, awaits. Love is patient. Love is Kind. Love alone Suffices.


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