40-Day Self-Improvement Journal Entry

The following are seven quotes from In Sinu Jesu that have drawn me closer to my Catholic faith during this season of Lent.

  1. I will start with a quote about loneliness: “So many of My priests have never really heard and understood the invitation to an exclusive and all-fulfilling friendship with Me, And so, they feel alone in life.” (27) Why start with this quote? Well, many people feel alone in life. To combat this feeling, they cling to temporary forms of happiness like pleasure, fame, etc.

2. Starting a relationship with God: “Receive [My] gifts, kindnesses, attention, and mercies for the sake of those who refuse what I so desire to give them.” (27) This quote, which is stated before the first quote above, is an invitation to become close to the Lord.

3. Some people treat this invitation with apathy or indifference: “They treat with Me only when duty obliges them to do so.” (27) Some people willingly reject the invitation or only pray when it pleases them.

4. Pray the “Ave Maris Stella” (Hail, Star of the Sea): “Continue to pray for yourself and for the priests whom I entrust to your prayer.” (26) I do not know this prayer, but I think it may refer to the “Hail Mary.”

5. Dialogue of Love: “This dialogue of love is essential to our friendship.” Yes, communication is key to any relationship. (24)

6. Prayer consoles the broken-hearted: “I ask you to console Me by staying close to My Heart, pierced for love of you and all sinners.” (24)

7. Spending time before the Blessed Sacrament: “I want you to learn to remain before My Eucharistic Face, silent, adoring, listening to Me, and loving Me for those who do not adore Me” (24)


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